Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is the latest JP e-mail mail out mail out out out mail...

There's been an explosion of activity in the world of Parkes (or Alan Parkestridge as those crazy WSM boys keep calling me). Maybe I could set up a chain of theme Parkes (etc.)

First up, the 'Faithlessnessless' (don't miss off the extra 'less' at the end) album is out on Monday 30th January. In theory it'll be 'in all good record shops' but this being a fallen world it won't. However it will be in some and any shop should be able to order it if you say 'its distributed by Cargo and the catalogue number is AAZCD11' in a loud, impatient and slightly patronising tone (see Mr Uppity for more details).
The album will be 'launched' (down the slipway while gents throw toppers in the air shouting 'huzzar' and clouds of rust rise from enormous chains etc.) at the New Roscoe in Leeds on Monday 30th and will be available at the gig at a 'special price' I haven't thought of yet. The Roscoe will be opening from midnight on 29th to cope with the queues and soup and camp beds will be available inside. The second part of this is a lie. The bit about the slipway is also a lie of course....but then removing IKBs cigar from the schoolbooks was a lie too.
www.johnparkes.com is now 'on line', 'up and running', 'mad for it' and 'very pleased indeed to see you, kindly leave your galoshes on the elephant's foot umbrella stand and Jenkins will provide you with a beverage in the study'. Please visit the site and have a look around. If you do it moves up the rankings. Otherwise I have to kill a maths professor in Glasgow followed by the medic from the New Zealand army and many many more John Parkeses before I make it to the top of the Google rankings ('Made it Ma, top of the Google list - though unfortunately I'm about to be engulfed in flames') Please put a link on your site to my site if you have one. A very clever man called Mike Savage did the site for a small bag of peanuts and the last of the gherkins.
I'm on tour! Obviously the Parkes Barmy Army will be following 'the tour' across the country but I may be going on the train so can't give you a lift. Here are the tour dates:
Monday 30th Jan 2006 - New Roscoe, Roseville Road, Leeds, LS7 1DH
Thursday 2nd Feb 2006 - The Primrose, Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2HZ
Wednesday 8th Feb 2006 - The Vaults, 11 Irongate, Derby, DE1 3FJ
Thursday 9th Feb 2006 - Raffles Art Café, Angel Row, Old Market Square, Nottingham, NG1 6HL
Wednesday 15th Feb 2006 - The Green Room, Devonshire Green, Sheffield, S3 7SG
Thursday 16th Feb 2006 - The Wellington Inn, 55 Russell Street, Hull, HU2 9AB
Tuesday 7th March 2006 – The Three Horseshoes, Wickersley, Rotherham
There's already been some reviews of the album (thanks to Ian Cheek). Sure one was a 3 out of 10 but the rest were great - mentioned in the same breath as Billy Bragg, Leonard Cohen and some guy called Dylan no less. So there. A couple come up on a Google search but some are in magazines you've not hear of.
OK, I can't think of any more for now. Please come to one of the gigs or they won't have me back

Must rush, thank you for listening / reading anyone who got this far. If you're impatient with all this stuff just e-mail to say you're not interested and I'll take you off the list - or nominate someone else I could send to. David Bowie has an 'on-line communidy' so I don't see why I shouldn't send the odd e-mail...



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