Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Daft Apeth and the Polish Dentist - a very short tale

I booked a session (or 'appointment') today with a person who appears to be called Miss Varmushka the Polish dentist. Perhaps she'll 'polish' my teeth - ha ha. I told the person on the phone I'd 'look forward to it'. How daft can a person by on the telephone to a stranger. Had to book 3 months in advance. Got holes in my teeth which are letting in water - or air? or gas and air? more likely bits of food. Had the emergency number by mistake which is a machine.

Once saw a family feeding Twixes (Twix's? - two times two Twix?) to their kids on the way in to the dentist. Mr Allen gave it up to play golf you know.

Anyone got the proper spelling of 'apeth'? - some sort of ape I assumed (not unreasonably in my view) when I was a kid.

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