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It's all about this at the moment (the moment being the autumn of 2020) -
The Sunny Smiles Three which I guess you could call my latest 'project'.  The below still applies I think - by which I mean you can still buy the EP though it was a while ago now.  Lots of music and videos and whatnot.

The 'Virtually Alive EP' is the latest release and the latest thing that's going on publicly really - it's out now.  It's 6 songs - it's virtually a live EP (gedditt??!!)  Mostly me and the acoustic guitar but some drums and the odd bass / bass loop thang.  All very exciting.

There are other things 'in the pipeline' too if the pipeline hasn't been blown up by separatists or turned off by oligarchs...

Bandcamp is probably the best place to buy the EP direct as it were (especially if you want a hard copy) though it's available via iTunes etc too.

So, er, yes...the latest news is that really - gigs on the gigs page if there are any, moans, whines and (sort of) latest news on the 'front' page too...

Video news:

There's a video for each of the 6 songs on the Virtually Alive EP.  They were released in this order scheduling fans (all in 2017 if you were wondering):

The World’s End:  On YouTube Monday 18th Sept (9am!)

The Devil Takes:  On YouTube Monday 2nd October (9am)

News:  On YouTube Monday16th October (9am)         

Unicorns:  On YouTube Monday 30th October (9am)   

Treatwise:  On YouTube Monday 13th November (9am)

Take ‘Em Out:  On YouTube Monday 27th November (9am) 

These videos are older but still on YouTube where you can, er watch them, comment on them and pass them on to falling kitten lovers internet wide...


We've just set up a new section for videos but thought we'd leave this here for a bit as it's news too...

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