Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tickled pink

Down Leeds Market today there was a stallholder shouting out “Maungy Twats, 3 for a quid!”

This amused me no end.

If you were wondering – I think it was packets of mange tout he was flogging.

The right sort of chaps!

Talking of Nelson Mandela...If you ever start thinking that Mister Cameron and his ilk seem OK sorts of chaps I'd like to remind you of something.

Back in the 80s you'd see Conservative students (and other Tories no doubt) walking about in 'Hang Nelson Mandela' badges. I wonder if they'll be wearing them at his funeral? I wonder if anyone has any pictures of members of the current government wearing said badge? - I bet some of 'em did! Point this out and I bet they'd be mortally offended.

I think this is illustrative of the modern Conservative Party. They were students then, they're in goverment now.

Chavs - Read it!

Here's a simple one...Read 'Chavs, the Demonization of the Working Class' by Owen Jones. In my opinion it's around 97% spot on. It rings with the sound of nails being hit on the head. It really is about bloody time somebody said this stuff.

I have a couple of tiny criticisms. But then I bet Nelson Mandela picks his nose or something so let's stay with the big picture - read it! Forget the 3%, get fired up by the 97%.

Autobot Unmoved...

I replied briefly to the email advert from Vistaprint. In response to their invitation to "Make your own home stationary" I replied "My home is already stationary thanks" and signed it.

I was rather hoping for a confused reply - but of course they only send out emails and don't reply to them as is the modern way. Actually, I did get a reply from their 'autoresponder' suggesting I call customer services. I am tempted, but I have fluff to pick out of my navel - I nearly put 'naval' for a joke. I found a Youtube clip on 'Naval piercing'. Gawd preserve us.

I'm paranoid now that I sound like Mister Cleverclogs the spelling nerd. I return to my original point though that a stationery company should be able to spell the word stationery...