Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby, you're moving way too fast!

There’s been a lot of talk about petrol prices recently. People want the government to cut the duty, delay increased duty, release stocks and whatever else. It's damaging the recovery / economy blah blah blah. Well I have a way you can cut 15% off your fuel costs, particularly on long journeys – JUST SLOW DOWN!

I drove darn sarf this last weekend and got well over 50 mpg both ways (in a 7 year old Ford Focus C-Max fact fans - not very rock and roll I know...) I’ve experimented with this. Driving at a steady 65ish I get about 43 mpg on a jourey over about 50 miles. At 50-55 I can get about 51-52 mpg. That’s more than 15% less fuel. So if you’re paying £1.40 a litre, take the equivalent of about 22p a litre off. On me. For free. JUST SLOW DOWN! It takes a bit longer but what’s so important about what you’re up to anyway, bloody Jeremy Clarkson? Just cruise along between 50 and 55 mph, take it easy, reduce the stress.

Here’s the disappointing thing though. Everyone is, so they say, suffering from high fuel prices, no-one has enough money for petrol, everyone is hurting apparently - yet everyone has got money to burn up and down the motorway at 70 mph.

Guess how many other people joined me saving a pile of money in the slow lane? About 2 other people. over 2 days driving maybe half a dozen. Weirdos. Like me. No-one else gives a toss about the environment or their own pocket. They're too busy racing to the next gridlock. Or they're stupid and / or ignorant. I find this really depressing.

So next time you hear about people not having any money or being forced by PC governments to be ‘green’ and how the nanny state is taking over and all that stuff just remember – people in cars have money to burn and they don’t give a toss. You're one of them probably - and you're an idiot!