Thursday, January 19, 2006


It’s a little early to change my name to Elvis Prescience but this is the man who wrote ‘I could say free the paedophiles, and give them free school meals’ – and now it’s all over the news. Didn’t think evil paedophiles were meant to marry their victims and have three children with them but there you go, that’s not being prejudiced enough for you.

Then there’s Gail Porter. The song was written some time ago. Then suddenly she wasn’t Gail Porter anymore – My song! My song! Then she was. Then she re-appeared again like a pre-advert for the album having attempted suicide – and then again with no hair!

Stop going to extremes to advertise my album you idiot! (nearly said bitch but not only is that a bit strong and unnatural for me but someone was explaining how much stronger and more offensive the bitch word is in the USA – as if anyone from there will be visiting here – far too far to travel…) Anyway, have to say I have nothing against her personally and I hope she finds hair and happiness.

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