Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fantastic album covers

The Whole Sky Monitor boys are usually wrong - or just ignorant twonks of course. They've been telling me about all sorts of fantastically bad (or great) album covers. Leaving aside that one of the world's greatest conspiracies is the apparent acceptance of CD packaging....more in a minute on that...the best album cover of all time is the first Juicy Lucy album. Now I'm no sexist (no, really, I 'm not) but everyone knows that humour beats political correctness in any competition, and if I remember correctly they (that's Juicy Lucy) have a trussed up upside down woman on a hook in an abattoir as the album cover artwork. Have searched the net for a picture but no luck yet. A free copy of the JP album and a jar or pickle to anyone who can let me have a copy of the sleeve. This is clearly the funniest and best album sleeve of all time - at least for us post modern irony Spinal Tap fan types - oh yes it is!

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