Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hey Kids, Puppets! - Reviews anyway

OK, the first reviews of the 'Faithlessnessless' album are in: Have a butchers...(sorry, it's the anonymity of t'internet that makes me speak like this)...

‘intense as hell. The sort of thing that would have you spellbound at a quiet gig and demanding all your friends listen to him after….these lyrics shout out and pin the soul to the wall. Very very personal, they are backed by gentle picking and some good tunes…’

‘An acoustic delight….Step forward, the Bard of Barking´s true heir’.

‘the presence of a perfect song writer, everything just comes together so well and makes for an effortless listen…it starts off great, remains great and ends great’.

‘…a mature and convincing performance, as he mounts his acoustic high horse and uses soaring vocals to lash out at the world’s wrongs and provide compelling insight…striding up alongside the earnest old guard of Bragg, Dylan and Leonard Cohen to make a convincing front line in music’s battle against ignorance’.

‘Once you get into it you'll struggle to switch it back off…. Parkes' voice is infectious, and dominates the songs. There's not much else going on other than him, his voice and his guitar. And it sounds perfect for it’.

A fistful of strong, acerbic, fearless tracks that tear at the saggy folds of the soul…. Almost Billy Braggish in the clarity and forcefulness of the lyrics…Could be a bubbler that explodes later on in 2006.

‘The Faithlessnessless LP is twelve witty, humourous and clever little folk pop songs covering everything from teenagers on northern council estates to protesting against nuclear weapons’.

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