Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fields

Pretty chuffed that BBC Leeds played the whole of 'The Fields' the other night, my World War One song - all 6 minutes 50 of it - it's a story song so it wouldn't work that well to only tell part of the story - but I didn't really expect them to be able to play it all (just because it's nearly 7 mins long, that's all).  You can find the programme here

I recorded it on a Monday, uploaded it to the BBC uploader on the same Monday and they put their programme together on the Tuesday - and it went out the following Saturday (26th July) - So a five day turn around from recording to public broadcast.  I think that's pretty goo!  You can listen to it for the next few days.  It's now also free to download on bandcamp 

Bit of an experiment for me - a song from the perspective of someone else...And I think I'm right in saying it's also the first song I've 'released' that has finger picking on the geetar - it is pretty much just an accompaniment though...Anyway, have a listen if you would...

The photo that I put with it on Bandcamp isn't the best ever but it's the only pic I had that seemed remotely appropriate - taken by me - anyone know where?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More free music coming up - and a Radio Programme you should listen to

Oh that's not one of my better blog post titles is it?  Still, never mind...

On occasion the modern world is quite good, actually - I recorded and mixed a new song yesterday (well, Neil the recording man and me anyway), uploaded it to the BBC website thingie ('the Uploader') - and it's going to be broadcast on on t'BBC on Saturday evening (27th July) - So it'll have gone from a lyric sheet and some chords in my head to public broadcast in 5 days. Not a record (no, it's an MP3!) but well. y'know...pretty good.

So...a big thumbs up to the Beeb. It's nearly 7 minutes long (though I doubt they'll be able to play all of it) and is my First World War song - 9 verses sung from the perspective of a mother. I even did a bit of reading before writing it...It's a bit depressing and has a political message and is a bit picky and folky music-wise so a bit of a new thing for me.

So...even though 'local music' is not the same as 'good music' (though they do pick the best of course!) let's have a cheer for Alan Raw and the BBC Radio Leeds Introducing thang - and not just because they're playing me...Or maybe a little bit because they're playing me...

Also...I'll be giving away the song on Bandcamp very soon (see the 'shop' button which should take you there where you should be able to download it for free in a few days - that's not the download time, that's an idea as to when it might be available).  I could put it on here but to be honest it's easier to re-direct you to bandcamp.  So there.

It's called 'The Fields' by the way...Catchy title next time hopefully...

Back on board!

Deary me...Have been locked out of the old blog for a few days due to some jiggery pokery that Google keep saying about having 'conflicting accounts' - looks like a ruse to get people to open a Gmail account to me.  But what a load of old pony really...Perhaps there really are technical reasons but they could make it easier...But I'm back in by the looks of it. 

Hurray for me and a thumbs down for Google for making me read really boring weasily stuff that I didn't understand - there was no 'just let me into my Blog dammit!' button to hit...