Sunday, April 27, 2014

This ain't for no English teacher

I saw a job advert today - for an 'Assistant Principal: Inclusion & Cohort Provision'.  Is this to do with being second in charge of providing soldiers to prevent the sacking of Rome?  After consulting them? 

I followed the link out of curiosity to find out if it meant anything.  It says "We are seeking to appoint an outstanding Assistant Principal to join our Leadership Team You will be part of a strategic leadership team who direct and lead the school with particular responsibilities for inclusion and ensuring key cohorts have opportunities to make outstanding progress".

Ah ha - it's something to do with schools then (and not using full stops too by the looks...and inconsistent use of capitals for proper nouns...)  In  the next paragraph they use the word 'teacher'.  It's just so depressing to see almost content free management-speak being used when they're advertising for a teacher.  Here's the next paragraph: 

"This role is for an exceptional teacher whose key purpose is to model and lead improvements in teaching, in particular for students who present challenge.

The main requirements relating to the leadership standards are listed below and involve the following commitment:

  • Shaping the future
  • Leading Learning and Teaching
  • Developing Self and working with other
  • Managing the Organisation
  • Securing Accountability
  • Strengthening Community"

Notice how it reads like a content free Tony Blair conference speech. 

C'mon education people, learn to speak proper!  Sorry to go on but 'key cohorts'?  Unpick that one!

Incidentally if they find an outstanding teacher could I suggest that they put them to work er, teaching?

I'm off to develop self and work with other....