Friday, December 21, 2012

Shocked to the core...

Well people, MSN suggest we vote on 'the most shocking celebrity story of 2012' - apparently it might be one of these...
  1. Tulisa 'sex tape' released
PS - There are 13 people mentioned in that list - To my shame I've heard of no fewer than 8 of them.  They can't be proper

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Wedding Present flog-off time

Right, that's it - I have put pretty much all my Wedding Present memorabilia on ebay - except the first two singles...Not that there's huge quantities of if.  Odd that I have all this stuff and was never a big fan. I'll be using the money to do some recording - with the Wedding Present's drummer! (not the er, present one...though he is married at present)

Just in case you were wondering - I used to roadie / drive and whatnot for the band the Wedding Present 'back in the day' so I got free t-shirts and records and stuff.  I've finally dragged most of it out and decided to flog it.  Except the first 2 singles - though if you're offering...

By the way, why I was never a big fan is an interesting question for amateur psycho-analysts (possibly).  I worked for them to finance my less successful own I could never quite listen to the music objectively (possibly).   

Greggs in Harehills

Well, crikey Moses as my Dad might have said.  The Greggs 'special shop' in Harehills has closed down.  This is terrible news!  Thing is that this is the shop where they sold stuff off cheap a day or so after it had been in the other shops (or their over baking or whatever).  You could get 5 vanilla slices for a quid and such-like - A massive carrier bag full of cake for a fiver.  Not that I did this very often mind.

Went on Saturday after visiting the tip (it's a pretty hectic life being an acoustic / rock and roll star) and not only was it closed (shutters down) but the signs had all been removed - maybe, just maybe it's a re-paint. Please?

Seriously though it's a shame - poor people could get all kinds of stuff there cheap.  And now they can't - surely it'd be booming in a recession!?

Friday, December 07, 2012

Vintage amp anyone? It's Canadian you know...

Here’s something of interest only to the muso few I think – But I’m interested so it goes on here...I’m selling my old Traynor valve amp.  It’s now on eBay.  And again of interest to virtually no-one, this is the amp that I played right the way through The Chorus, The Sinister Cleaners (except the new recordings in 2005!), Greenhouse and part of Fuzzbird (when I ill-advisedly bought a 50W Marshall combo which I never liked much). 
It’s from around 1977 and has stood me in good stead (etc). But I’ve not used it for years and I want the space.  So if you know anyone who might appreciate a Traynor YRM-1SC valve combo (4 x 10 inch speakers fact fans) have a look on eBay now! 
It's Canadian you know.  No mooses were harmed in the production of this advert...