Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The ruthless efficiency of the private sector

Phew! - Relieved to find that purveyors of fatty, salty slop Pizza Hut are still advertising their delivery service - TO AREAS THEY WON'T DELIVER TO! 

By which I mean my house.  It seems childish to say that I didn't want any of their horrible stuff anyway - but I didn't want any of their horrible stuff anyway.  I know I've mentioned this before but one should probably (or possibly anyway) drop in on these places once every few years to see what they're like / how they're getting on - last time in Pizza Hut I was genuinely surprised to find out how rubbish it was.  Anyway, that's enough Hut...Mind you, last time I went to a Little Chef just wanting a cup of coffee the wait was considerably less than the scheduled hour and a half...

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Another moan

Another quick moan about spam comments - seems lots of people in Latvia and France are particularly interested in my Blog - yeah, right...I'm getting loads of spam comments and they're a bit annoying.  Ah well, that's the modern internet for you I guess, I remember when it were all trees...

Guerrilla tour starts!

Mm, well, calling it a 'guerrilla tour' is maybe not quite right.  A gorilla tour or even a Bird's Eye Grillers tour (remember them?  'I hope it's chips etc...probably) might be more fun.

But I'm starting to do some open mic gigs.  Well, doing one tonight anyway - heading off to Factory Street in Bradford tonight.  Hope to get a couple of songs in at least...


Go Gaslight!

Last night I finally got myself down to the Gaslight Club at Oporto in Leeds (Call Lane)


Sound was good, acts were all great, ambiance good too...Sorry this is a bit like an ad but it is worth going down on a Monday night - and free to get in too...I want to play there - but even if they think I'm great they have a waiting list of AROUND A YEAR!  So...given the case that this is the way things are I'm going to be doing some guerrilla open mic stuff over the next few months - in other words since I didn't get my arse in gear to get some gigs a year ago the only way I'm going to put it about a bit music wise is to do open mics...Actually, these are usually booked in advance too but generally not a year...so see you down at wherever the mood, geography or inclination takes us...

Incidentally, I have wondered about doing reviews of a sort of gigs or whatever on here.  Trouble is it takes too long and often I feel like I only have fairly ordinary descriptions rather than exciting insights anyway - and there's a big dose of that 'they're really good, just not quite my kind of thing' about a lot of people / acts.