Pics etc for press

Photos & press release etc for er, the press.
Or anyone.  If what you need isn't here please email and we'll see what we can do...

First up...stuff relevant to the Virtually Alive EP...

You may find what you want below but higher res images etc. are in the 
press pack which you can download from here:

 The Virtually Alive EP Press Pack

This contains lyrics, biog, cover image, other photos of various sizes and press release

Please email for link to high res MP3s (or a WAV if you give us a good reason)

Cover image...

Press photos...

...and now stuff relevant to the Bleeding Edge / Distant Past album...

Cover image -

and a couple of photos...

The 'Bleeding Edge / Distant Past' Press release -

The complete album lyrics -

...and now older stuff and more pictures...

Don't Be Seventeen Press Release Nov 2012

John Parkes - Reflection 1

John Parkes / WSM - Data Collection

John Parkes / WSM - 'Ice Cream'

John Parkes - Pic 7

John Parkes - Boat

John Parkes - Blindfold

John Parkes - Blindfold 2

John Parkes - Blue Window Reflection

John Parkes - Fire Escape 1

John Parkes - Fire Escape 2

John Parkes - This Machine Squints!

John Parkes - Wheel

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