Monday, September 18, 2017

Roll up Roll up etc - New video

The Hoam Maid video for The World's End (from the Virtually Alive EP) is now 'live' / available / watchable etc on YouTube:

The World's End video...

Monday, September 04, 2017

Updates, just updates...

It's all about updates this week at AAZ Records (North) as we change and update stuff on here ready for the release of the Virtually Alive EP.  We've discovered that Blogger isn't perfect at saving font sizes and changing colours and whatnot so you'll find the odd inconsistency on here that we may have spotted and  unsuccessfully tried to fix.  There may of course also be some user error.  At some point we may re-design this whole thing but for now it's got stuff crammed on and it's sort of organised though you may find the odd bit of information in more than one place.

So...we're directing everyone to Bandcamp to buy stuff initially - this is certainly the best way to buy a CD rather than a download.  Hopefully everything will pop up in iTunes etc. soon.  Between you and me the release date is a bit flexible.  It's available quicker in Bandcamp and you get a free bonus track there (though that's download only it's not on the CD) and that money comes fairly directly to those of us who need it to feed hungry studio bills and manufacturing costs etc. though the Orchard do get things around globally which is marvellous of course.  They're our digital distributors, the people (or bots probably) who get things to iTunes and the rest.