Friday, January 20, 2006

Buses, Hotdogs and Dickie Davis

I really must get something together about buses, been promising for ages. My favourite bus driver has a beard and looks and acts like you would imagine a vicar would – were he a bus driver obviously. Point is he seems really pleased to help and seems to enjoy bus driving. Bet he even looks in his mirror and waits for people running for his bus too.

Does anyone have a graph showing the retail price index on one axis and Leeds bus fares on the other? What do you reckon? - Inflation over last 4 years 8%, bus fare increase 300%? Perhaps if I advocate violence someone will read this stuff? So, kill Firstbus and their families! You know it makes sense. It does mean that in five years we’ll all be able to go by taxi though. I complained recently and the man simply advised me to keep complaining. Once also wrestled a fare dodger to the ground on Eastgate. He pushed me out of the way to get out of the emergency door and I reacted, you know, just reacted man! Bus man said I’d get a letter from the company. Never did, they must have had me down as a complaining wrong 'un.

Was it wrestlers who made tinned hot dogs? Or Westlers perhaps? Would you want to eat them? No one would want to eat Giant Haystacks I guess, no matter how skilfully he was introduced by Dickie Davis. Could check that spelling but I won’t, someone would have to e-mail.

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