Sunday, July 23, 2006

The time I met Sir George Martin

I recently bought the Alan Partridge radio series CD set off ebay. He does a great non story about George Best. honour of that, here's the story of the time I met Sir George Martin:

It was about 1991 and I was with the Wedding Present staying at the Columbia hotel, England's closest equivalent to the Chelsea hotel (though I never got a blowjob off Janis Joplin or even anything near equivalent to be honest). I went to check the van hadn't been towed away and to put some money in the meter. Who should be there at the meter than (Sir) George Martin. He said 'I don't think this one's working'. Quick as a flash I replied 'No, I don't think this one is working either!'

The time I met Sir George there, great days....

I remembered this story after mentioning putting top rock stars straight in dreams. I don't do this often....I also have to remind myself that a blog reads kind of backwards so it doesn't really work properly.

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