Sunday, July 23, 2006

I can get angry - but I am proud of myself


I just discovered a letter I sent to Yorkshire Water. I think I may have mentioned them before. I was responding to an advert they use to scare old people. I'm quite proud of's what I said.

Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for your undated and un-addressed letter REF YWDP41K

Thanks for implying that we’re in terrible danger of being flooded and that we can buy ‘protection’ from you. No doubt lots of elderly and other vulnerable people will be giving you their money after you’ve scared them into thinking they’re going to suffer an emergency and that they’ll never get a plumber.

I object to your advertising, and come to that also to the fact that it’s delivered by the post office as if it was real post. I’d normally bin it but I think this despicable shite deserves a reply.

The solution to the plumber shortage is to train more plumbers and not for you to buy them up and extort money out of people for services they’re probably not going to need.

We won’t be taking up your ‘protection’. If you weren’t a monopoly supplier we’d go somewhere else for the water.

We got a plumber within about half an hour recently by the way and it wasn’t that expensive.

So, rip us all off, don’t bother giving us a name, deliver more stuff to us and we’ll bin it – and I guess we’ll have to keep paying whatever bills you send us – hurray for advertising, insurance scams and corporate capitalism!

Yours with the arsey attitude you deserve.

(John Parkes)

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