Friday, October 07, 2011

Tired out after 15 hours...

I maintain that job adverts, recruitment, HR and the like are full of shite. They fuck up all the time but are never to blame for anything. Small things you might say - but annoying nonetheless. I’ve been meaning to copy up some of my ‘looking for a job experience’ for a while. Here’s a couple of small examples.

For example…I got an email today for a jobsite I signed up to. It had an admin job on it. First time it had come up. I decided to have a look. It’s ‘expired and cannot be applied for’. That’s at 7pm. They sent the email this morning – at 4am it seems. But that means that the time between the beginning of the advert and the job ‘expiring’ is less than 15 hours. Perhaps it got tired being on the internet all day and pegged out. Or someone fucked up. People looking for a job think there’s one they could apply for but there’s not. But because recruitment people and organisations are incompetent it ‘cannot be applied for’. It’s no big deal. It’s just another small 2 fingers up from ‘professionals’.

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