Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep safe children!

I just bought a new Walkman. No, it’s not a cassette based Walkman if you’re asking. And, yes I do know I could probably just have a phone that does everything with downloaded ‘apps’ and all that. But I have a new Walkman and that’s that.

I installed all the software on the computer and whatnot and thought I’d read ‘important information’ from the user guide. So, just so you know, one piece of important advice / information says ‘do not place player in fire’. Also...’Do not pour water or put any foreign object in the player’. Oh, and ‘Do not put any heavy object on top of the player or apply a strong shock to the player’.

So there you go – don’t burn it, throw it in a bucket of water or hit it with a hammer - damn! It's 'elf and safety gorn mad and no mistake...

In another part of the guide it says 'Be careful not to drop the player into a sink or other container filled with water'. Thanks Sony, just in time there!

I also quite like 'When using a strap (not supplied), be careful to avoid catching it on objects you pass by. Furthermore be careful not to swing the player by the strap to avoid bumping people'.

So there you go - it's a dangerous world people...

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