Friday, October 07, 2011

I've heard of them and they're a charity!

I used to work in 'the third sector' i.e. in a charity. They employ 600,000 people in the UK or something. When I became unemployed I had to sign a piece of paper to say that I'd check the Department of Work and Pensions job website everyday or something like that. It doesn't even have a section for 'charities' 'voluntary organisations' or 'the third sector'. I think the nearest they had was the civil service. They put this down on my official card thing.

You used to be able to browse job cards in the job centre so you could look in 'other sections' and you'd never know what would come up. But now you go to a website or computer terminal which throws up either zero or about 3,000 jobs depending on how you search. It's apparetnly better that way. When you sign on it also takes about 15 people to do what one or two did a few years back. This is because they have to interview you. I mentioned 'charities' and one 'advisor' mentioned I could try Oxfam. I think this is because he'd heard of them and that they were a charity.

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