Friday, October 07, 2011

Feedback Sir?

Another example of shitty behaviour in the ‘job market’. I had an interview last Tuesday for an admin job. They turned me down later that afternoon – by email. A brief one at that. Presumably someone is too busy, cowardly or impolite to bother to talk to people who’ve applied and done an interview and read up about their organisation and spent bus fare getting there and whatnot. I guess it’s possible I missed the call.

The email did say they’d be happy to provide feedback so I telephoned on Wednesday morning. The person I needed to speak to was ‘in a meeting’ so I left my number (which they have on the application form anyway) and asked them to call back. No call on Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. They must have forgotten clearly. Or they’re too busy. Or they just don’t like the idea and don’t feel they have to. It might even be the modern way. I’m sooo tempted to say that I wouldn’t want to work for them anyway that I’m going to say it…ahem…I wouldn’t want to work for them anyway. There, I said it. Sloppy or cowardly – just rubbish! Not getting a job is one thing, but they should at least act like decent people, particulary when they're running a 'community' organisation.

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