Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tesco Bag

In the Tescos Express in Armley (the district, not the jail - or gaol) you get a free Clubcard point if you use your own bag. In the one on Easterly Road the machine won't let you use your own bag. It detects the weight of your Tescos 'bag for life' and asks you to remove it from 'the bagging area' (in the more interesting branches they have a 'de-bagging area' where you get to pour things on the floor or remove the trousers from a local). I harrumphed up to the counter and waited to be served by a person, I also wanted to pay with change, another thing you're not allowed to do by the machines that run the branch. I suppose I'll be unloading the lorries and stocking the shelves for free next, as well as serving myself. The fruit is priced in single items too. Best to stick with the Co-op. Don't forget to ask for your divvy! There's usually one around.

Incidentally, have you noticed how we're losing the word 'shop' in favour (or favor, probably) of the word 'store'. I'm old enough to remember these things you know...which means its time for bed.

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