Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chat Magazine!!!

If you’ve never read Chat magazine you probably know someone who does - really. I mean, WOW! - ‘An alien baby at 18 but now I want a real one’. ‘I turned into a sad, smelly slob – to satisfy my fella’. Bring it on!

The copy I saw included handy hints - one was to make a cardboard ‘loose cover’ for a standard size tissue box - covered with leftover wallpaper. I mean, try to stop me!

One of the problem page letters concerns a woman who suspects her husband is masturbating. A married man masturbating? How could such a thing happen? The woman is clearly delusional.

There was also a story about a woman from Leeds - ‘I was quacking up as an ugly duckling - but now I can swan about’ - fantastic!

At one point this woman says (or a ‘journalist’ paraphrases) ‘When I was 12 my boobs started growing – and growing….Terri two-bras the girls started chanting’. Then she says ‘I started skipping lessons when I was about 14’.

Well, excuse me but if you’re being teased about having a large bosom, I’d suggest that skipping is probably not the ideal sport for you….Some people!

Chat magazine though eh? Like the Sun, you should read it at least once before you die. More than three times and you’ve got a problem.

Incidentally, The 'Thomas Kinkade Faith Mountain - illuminated Masterpiece Edition' advert (only £149.94) was beyond parody.

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