Sunday, December 09, 2012

Greggs in Harehills

Well, crikey Moses as my Dad might have said.  The Greggs 'special shop' in Harehills has closed down.  This is terrible news!  Thing is that this is the shop where they sold stuff off cheap a day or so after it had been in the other shops (or their over baking or whatever).  You could get 5 vanilla slices for a quid and such-like - A massive carrier bag full of cake for a fiver.  Not that I did this very often mind.

Went on Saturday after visiting the tip (it's a pretty hectic life being an acoustic / rock and roll star) and not only was it closed (shutters down) but the signs had all been removed - maybe, just maybe it's a re-paint. Please?

Seriously though it's a shame - poor people could get all kinds of stuff there cheap.  And now they can't - surely it'd be booming in a recession!?

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