Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Could I point something out please? - That what people actually think about stuff is probably not accurately reflected on Twitter. And Twitter is not the only source of 'news' stories in the world.

Every part of the media seems intent only on reporting what other parts of the media are saying. What the hell do journalists do these days? Well it seems they have a quick gander at Wikipedia and Twitter and write it up from there.

Twitter is blather - and surely that's what it's supposed to be and what everyone knows it to be. And it's all being taken far too seriously - and you end up with people being arrested (or mortally offended) for making stupid off the cuff comments.

I know hundreds of idiots. I come across them every day. I ignore them mostly, I don't engage them in moronic snippets of blather and then get huffy. Why bother?

Stupid is stupid, ignorance is ignorance, lazy journalism is rubbish journalism. Can we just agree, put the kettle on and shut the Twitter up for a bit?

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