Friday, August 31, 2012

Lazy Twitwits and Frankie

Is it just me who thinks that Frankie Boyle is funny and the lazy Twitter trawling journalists looking for 'controversy' are the ones who want sacking?  MSN are currently saying that 'this time the network [Channel 4] appears to have little choice' (other than to sack him) because he make the following comments on Twitter ...

..."Apparently the Saudi Arabian Paralympic team is mainly thieves,"

and - "Wow, Austrian Paralympians seem a lot more able-bodied than most regular Scottish people."

and "Sadly our Paralympian in the high jump isn’t expected to match his personal best. But I hear it doesn’t count as it was ‘Taliban assisted’."

and "Got to be weird being a British Paralympian under this government, knowing that a medal means you'll lose your Disability Living Allowance."

Funny and sharp I'd say.

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