Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Days 2012

Just to say that I could get into this festival lark...Just played at Beautiful Days in Devon and despite the 600 miles of driving and some mud and whatnot I did the following:

- Played twice and did some good versions of me songs - forget to tell anyone it was the live debut for a couple though.

- Learned to put up a retro 80s tent on my own (with not enough tent pegs).

- Continued to discover that people who go to this sort of thing are generally well, nice people.

- Enjoyed the food (no, really - not too expensive either - including a cafe on a Routemaster bus!)

- Particularly liked Midlake and Billy Bragg and New Model Army and the lads from Barnsley who's name I didn't catch...

- Got well treated by the man John Bownas (who booked me) and all the backstage sound people etc.

- Got helped out with a flat battery by a very organised and helpful man called Andy, along with the Leveller's drummer's brother and nephew.

So...thanks to all - including Gogs who put John B on to my stuff in the first place.

Blimey, no moaning from me today! - Quick get me on a Firstbus...

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