Sunday, April 30, 2006

My New Friends

I have discovered some new friends. They make sandwiches and work for a place called ‘PRET’ in town. They’re lovely, and as I say, they’re my friends. They say all kinds of funny but friendly things on their packaging like ‘sorry about the ghastly plastic wrapper’ on their cake wrapper!!

They know me so well. We just kind of clicked almost instantly. They say ‘When you bake at home, you take it out of the oven and cool it on a wire rack’ – I DO! How did they know? Then they say ‘Then you eat a large slice (as a reward) and keep the rest in a flowery cake tin, like your Grandma used to!’ Amazing, she DID! I DO!

I’m using daffodils in my cake tins at the moment. Those guys just, like KNOW ME SO WELL!

This uncannily accurate information is ‘Passion Fact no. 47’.

The cake provides 2 yummy mouthfuls and represents excellent value at £1.30 – and I HAVE NEW FRIENDS!!!

Incidentally, my passion fact no.13 is to think about Margaret Thatcher to stop myself from coming too soon! – But then there’s those pretty ankles!

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