Sunday, April 09, 2006

Militant Pedestrians Turn to Violence

YES! Real physical violence! When you’re next driving through a pedestrian crossing with the green man flashing bleeps in your ears and you hear a satisfying ‘Thunk!’ it could well be a top Leeds based songwriter / singer sticking the ‘Doc Welly’ into your rear nearside. I’ve done it and I LIKE IT!

The bloke stopped his car. Maybe he was going to remonstrate; maybe he thought he’d hit someone and wanted to be sure he hadn’t hurt anyone – the BIG BABY! – If you’re going to drive like a raving maniac (who can’t drive) you’ve got to live with the consequences without regret, you know. If you want to kill, then kill, if you don’t want to kill then DON’T DRIVE THROUGH THE RED LIGHT YOU MORON! Incidentally, if you remonstrate you leave your car open to further attack. If I run away you’ll have to leave your car in the road. I might run in a circle, steal your car and drive it into an insurance company call centre (if there’s enough petrol to get to Jodpur).

So, there you go kids. Attack the lawbreakers physically. The real law won’t touch ‘em. Militant Pedestrians have done it – and it was GOOD!

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