Friday, September 12, 2014

That's enough MSN

I got an advert in my Hotmail inbox today.  Here’s what it says…

“Introducing the entirely new MSN – bringing you the content you love – from the sources you trust – with a new modern design.  We’ve also added personalisation features to help you customize to make it your own.”

Here are my objections:

‘Entirely new’ – sorry, but I don’t’ believe you.  And I’m not really interested in ‘new’ for its own sake anyway.

‘Bringing you the content you love’ – you have no idea what ‘content’ I love.  I don’t like the word ‘content’ disconnected from any meaning either.  Do you mean news or adverts or what?  I don’t ‘love’ any of it, so please don’t pretend you know stuff about me.

‘From the sources you trust’ – OK Microsoft, remind me exactly what those sources are if you wouldn’t mind…

‘New modern design’ – please see point one above.

‘Personalisation features’ – design your own damn webby site adverty stuff, I haven’t got time to change stuff, I’m just not interested enough in MSN.

That’s enough MSN

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