Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pass the spliff Alumni man!

I get another annoying communication from the Leeds University Alumni Office.  Seems they want to know where I work as 'Leeds students would love to know what you're up to'.  They want to know my 'position' and my 'industry'.  If they get the info it seems that 'when the next generation of students are looking at universities, they can see just where a Leeds education might lead them'.  Blimey! 

I feel I'm not really what they're looking for...They do have a question on their card that reads "Tell us more about you role" (my italics, their spelling).  Perhaps not from the English department then?

I won't be bothering telling them that I don't have the lucrative middle-class profession they clearly think their ex-students have and their next generation craves - but I do rather like the fact that the Alumni office is based in the Stoner Building - far out man!

Having said all that Leeds Poly is changing (or has changed) it's name again so at least the University of Leeds isn't going down that particular road - Leeds Met is now called the University of Buckets or something.  Leeds Metropolitan University clearly wasn't a good enough name.  Now I have no idea but what are the chances they got a new Vice Chancellor and had a reorganisation combined with the name change?  Maybe the business studies or psychology departments are doing a study in the effects of pointless activity undertaken by institutions from which they never learn? 

A postscript - I Googled Leeds Metropolitan University or 'the Buckets' as I really hope they're now known.  They're 'opening minds' and 'opening doors' apparently.  Our back door is a bit stiff if they could send somebody round? - Or perhaps they're just really polite...

Swinging back again (see what I did there!?) Leeds University's website has a link on its home page to a free online business course 'delivered in partnership with Marks and Spencer'.  Ah well, the student led revoltion may not be happening just yet...

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