Saturday, November 02, 2013

Smell The Blood is here!

Well...HRH, Doctor Who and assorted ex Spice girls are booked, the Very Big Bottle of Champagne is on ice, the cake is decorated, the ribbon is ready for cutting, the plunger is ready to be plunged, the charges are set, the doping tests are all positive and er, the turkey is in the everything is ready to launch the good ship THE NEW JOHN PARKES ALBUM.

So, finally, after years of adding bits and polishing bats (it spills their fruit by the way, the fruit ones anyway...) and getting a man in and filling in forms on databases and rehearsing and playing and recording and generally A LOT OF STUFF!...

We are pleased to announce that The ‘Bleeding Edge / Distant Past’ album is out of the box / the traps / the gates and begins sliding down the slipway and entering your oceanic heart with top tunes and lyrics and ooh, you know, music stuff...On Monday.  Or now really...(sorry those people queing at what are left of the record shops at midnight...)

Any place to find it is probably bandcamp - where you can buy the CD or download – all very easy via Paypal – you can also give it a listen there too.

You can also check out a couple of videos... for the video for ‘A Strange Affair’ and for the video for ‘What To Do (One True Love)’
'Enjoy' as they say - but it's not about enjoyment is it?  Nor is it art!
Anyway, you'd be very welcome to buy the album...

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