Monday, July 22, 2013

Wither the weather...

So once again the story was written.  Wall to wall sun, unusually high temperatures, heatwave, anyone over 40 or under 10 is going to die, really hot, blah blah blah, help we're all going to die - and once again a lie.  I'd just like to say to the British media JUST BECAUSE IT IS HOT IN YOUR TINY PIECE OF THE SOUTH EAST OF ENGLAND DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT'S LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE!

I really wish they wouldn't report their experience as if it were the whole country.  Fact is that I swallowed this 'it's going to be baking hot even at night' twaddle and set off for the Deer Shed Festival this weekend with shorts (I did have some jeans too btw...) and just one thin jumper and only a thin sleeping bag with one blanket - and it was freezing at night!  It was cloudy most of the time and it drizzled a tiny bit and it was misty and...well, the festival was good and the weather was OK - BUT THE WEATHER WAS NOT WHAT THEY SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE LIKE.  I suppose if I'd religiously watched the local weather they might not have been so bad but all over the media were contstant references to hottest temperatures and sun and all the rest.  In fact we've had a typically British summer - a few days of nice weather followed by cloud and coolness.  I guess there msut be swathes of the country that never get a weather forcast because they're not at the extremes of the country or in London.

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