Monday, June 10, 2013

This is a plug - but it is for cherriddy

It's the internet and there's a picture of a cat on this link! C,mon, we all know that's what everyone wants! I'd like everyone who can to sponsor Mike from Cloth Cat in Leeds who is doing one of those crazy amount of miles run things along Hadrian's wall or something (70 miles or something really daft). Just a few quid so if he dies we can say it was worth it...

Here's a bit of blurb about Cloth Cat. After that I promise to shut up. For a bit...Thanks for listening 
Cloth Cat aims to increase the quality of people living in deprived inner city areas of Leeds by promoting, supporting, inspiring and encouraging them, using music as the tool.

Central to our activities is a programme of practical music based community courses covering subjects from singing and instrument tuition to music production, DJing and the business of music.

Cloth Cat also works with groups such as the homeless, those with mental health problems and disenfranchised youth, providing the necessary support for rehabilitation, therapy and as a positive social outlet.

We also are committed to people who have not had access to these types of opportunities in the past, helping them develop their skills through mentoring, performances and signposting to other agencies.  In some cases students have developed through Cloth Cat to become teachers in their own right.

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