Thursday, December 01, 2011

Johnery Plarkestone says

Johnery Plarkestone says sack (and shoot) everyone who says anything silly while promoting their new product - then shoot the infantalised nappy whingers childish enough to take offence! Mummy, mummy, that man wants to kill you in front of me - I'm frightened - SACK HIM!!! HOUND THE BBC! CALL THE POLICE! NEVER GROW UP!!!

My God this is horrible! Childish whingers get het up over bloke in the pub type comment, lose all perspective and burst their over tight nappies all over the BBC and the media, presumably in an effort to shift Jeremy Clarkson product in time for Christmas.

Is the word 'perspective' or 'proportion' in the English dictionary any more? Just look at yourselves people!

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