Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Just when I thought (yet again) that nothing of note could happen at the swimming pool anymore, not only was there an incident today - but this time it was me who was the miscreant!

Not in this case any of that tackle waving / aggressive scrotal towelling sort of behaviour that I do like to go on about...but what did I do – well, I threw my wet trunks at a teacher! And hit him! By that I mean I hit him with the wet trunks, I didn’t smack him with wet trunks and go in swinging in with my naked fists afterwards. But I did smack him with wet trunks!

Unfortunately I do have to admit that it was an accident – I was throwing my trunks from the shower area to where I was about to get dried / changed – and he walked into the line of fire. I was trying to get a bottle of shampoo and some soap away from the shower as well as said trunks. I wasn't going to start throwing bottles of shampoo about...Sorry sir!

And how do I know he was a teacher you might ask? Well, he was with a class of kids you see...

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