Friday, July 15, 2011

Free stuff for money!

People really are buying into this ‘I paid for free stuff’ thing. I’ve lost count of the number of people who say how much they pay for how many ‘free texts’. What’s the matter with them? I paid 60p and got a free Mars bar – yippy do!

On the train last weekend they said you would get ‘complimentary food and drink’ if you paid £25 to upgrade to first class. That’s £25 for ‘free’ coffee and biscuits. Brilliant. Mind you, they also described first class as ‘sumptuous’– twice!

Whether this is part of one of those witheringly stupid marketing things that they make their staff say to humiliate themselves (I mean they’re actually there – they can see how ‘sumptuous’ it is as well as the rest of us!) or whether the ‘catering manager’(or whatever they call them) had gone off on one and decided to take the piss I don’t know...

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