Saturday, January 27, 2007

Three Buffalos

I can only think of three bands with ‘Buffalo’ in them (that's in their names of course, unless you know anyone who had an actual buffalo in the band, mind you the Ukrainians came close...)

These are:

Buffalo Springfield
Buffalo Tom
Grant Lee Buffalo

So there, you go. Point made I think – all bands with ‘Buffalo’ in their name are great! Difficult to do if you’re from Donny though I guess…

Yer man Bill from Buffalo Tom has a new band, though your man Chris from Buffalo Tom was a nice man / cool guy so I hope he’s got a new band too. I changed strings for them for a week or so back in th’eighties. They were supporting the Wedding Present. Keith from the Weddoes had a theory that the bill was always in the opposite order (not Bill, the bill) and that the best band on a night was always on first. Another point well made…he disappeared to Australia you know...

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