Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mice Pace

I like the idea of the pace mouse doing a few laps in the mouse Olympics - and doing a few Lapps in the hotel later I'll be bound - can't trust these over paced mice you know. Over paced, over furred, over experimented on, overrunning everywhere like vermin - pigeons without wings they call them, you know (of course you do) or is that rats? They like the girls in fur from cold countries. They should hold the event in a country where nothing ferments, it's bound to help. This might mean the moon or somewhere, but they don't have a mouse Olympics or a mouse Olympic team and they're not a country so why bother?

But our subject was mice pace not pace mice....

I have a mice pace page. It's against the law to do music and not have one you know. I'm not sure about all this 'friends' stuff though meself. I make a point only to have enemies and lovers - and yes, I am going to use that line in a song so don't you touch it.

You can find 'me' at Someone had taken John Parkes, presumably to flog it to me later. That's the Spanish for you though eh? Actually, I have nothing against the Spanish despite their not understanding the concept of cheese and tomato sandwich - why should they?

I'm going to put some music on there (top of a mouse? the moon? Spain? myspace? - you decide) at some point. You can be my 'friend' on there if you want - and if I let you. Good to do something just as people get fed up with it all though eh?

Another thing to figure out -eh?

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