Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Bookings Fees? - I'm out

Here's a mad idea for you.  If a ticket has a price on it how about there being a way to buy that ticket for that amount?  I think it should be illegal to advertise a price for something that is actually not the price and that you can't actually buy it for.  Call me a crazy muddle-headed fool  but the price to me is the amount you actually pay to get the actual thing.  No ifs, no buts, the price of a ticket should be the amount it says on the ticket.  Totally at odds with modern business practice I know. 

Here's a small example, I turned up to the 02 Academy in Leeds recently.  I took a special trip to the box office.  I didn't even want to pay by card (which incidentally is usually free except in the world of concert tickets) - and there was still a fee of a pound - to print the damned ticket!  The man pressed a button on his computer next to the ticket window and the roll of cardboard blank tickets rolled through the machine - that's a quid then - and the possibility of paying the face value of a ticket gone.

Another example - you used to be able to turn up to the First Direct Arena booking office and not pay a booking fee.  They've now introduced one - to keep them in line with others or some such we-saw-you-coming-you massive-mug nonsense.  It's several quid a ticket.  My back of the fag-packet calculation tells me they're adding a cool 15% and helping themselves to an extra up to about £75,000 for a sell-out concert - and the chance of buying a ticket at what is still euphemistically called (and I quote) 'the full ticket price' an impossibility.  Presumably the poor sod in the booth is getting minimum wage or something close...

So...that's me done.  I'm not going anywhere unless I can buy a ticket for the ticket price.  The rip off set of ****s 

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