Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Our friends the banks

I'd like to ask a question.  Why is it that the the profitable bits of the banks are going to be re-privatised first while we hang on to the 'toxic assets'? Why can't we, the owners of the banks (who nursed them back to health under public ownership it seems) get the profits and let the banks keep their toxic assets?

Why do we keep buying into the notion that private enterprise works while public ownership doesn't?  Bankers proved they weren't fit to be er, bankers so we took their banks off them, pumped in billions of pounds ground from the poor in extra VAT and whatnot and when they're looking a bit healthier under public ownership we're planning to give them back to the people who should now be on the street begging not to be kicked into the gutter?  Makes yer think though eh? 

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