Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out of poverty and into the black

According to our Dave Cameron, ‘the only way out of poverty is work’.  To be fair this was reported on MSN so it might just be what some bloke in the pub said.  But assuming he did say that…I have a few other ideas to fend off poverty:

  • Have rich parents and inherit a pile of cash
  • Go to a school surrounded by rich kids who can offer you a job through their parents' firm or contacts
  • Fraudulently manipulate inter-bank lending rates and help yourself to the money (though they're thinking of making that illegal at some point.  Possibly)
  • Become 'non-domiciled' and pay no tax
  • Join a gambling ring, gamble with other peoples money and help yourself to big wodges of cash - if the gambling goes wrong?  Help yourself to a big wodge of tax payers cash!
PS - remember not to get a low paid job because this will keep you in poverty

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