Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brest of Bittish

Telling you a bit late now really but I missed the old Jubilee thing (by being out of the country on holiday - best thing to do of course). When I got back in 'the aftermath' everyone in the big supermarket (Tescos since you ask, home of the indestructable cheese) was racing around like idiots buying improbable amounts of ‘stuff’.

The only difference to the ‘normal’ universe I’m used to was that all the stuff they were buying had a Union Jack printed on it (pedants may tell me that it’s the Union flag not the Union Jack or something but who cares really…) How British can all that stuff actually be?

I think the answer is ‘this is the sort of stuff that the British buy, so let’s put a flag on it’. If you thought I was cynical, may I present Capitalism!

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