Sunday, August 07, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I noticed a telly advert for Christmas on a week or two ago but it was for a thing where you save to buy from a catalogue or something so I let it off. Can't really complain about people saving up for Christmas from July. However, Matalan is today (that's TODAY - 7th August) stocking massive cuddly reindeer, snowmen and wrapping paper (or 'giftwrap' as it's now universally referred to by the people who flog it) so that's 'proper'.

No-one likes this. Christmas is absolutely mental and we shouldn't have it. So there.

Not being Mister Fashion (and I'll give you an arguement about that whenever you like...) I do buy pants in Matalan. But not trousers (sorry US citizens). They only have short legged trousers with massive waists! Perhaps I'd have better luck with George as ASDA...

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