Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surely not the 'royal wedding'?!

Damn! Here I am talking about the 'royal wedding'. Really the best thing to do in my opinion is to ignore it rather than apposing it like it was something worth engaging with in the first place. However, I did want to mention that Wilkinson's in Armley were flogging off their royal wedding tat at half price - some time before the wedding! This (strongly) implies that people are less interested than at least one chain of shops thought they would be. A small cheer for that.

However the most depressing thing about the whole thing is the conspiracy in the media. All the papers etc will be reporting that the 'whole country' celebrated and the 'whole country' ground to a halt and whatnot - and it will be a lie. The 'story' will be written in advance and it'll be all shit. A bare-faced big lie - told to us by the BBC and others who should know better. I've lost count of the amount of times I've turned off the telly and radio this week because 'The Today Programme' for one are discussing royal wedding dress design over the centuries or whatever. In the case of the BBC they are of course shit scared of being accused of being leftie and unpatriotic and whatnot (as if patriotism somehow implied support of the royal family...)so they'll follow the tabloids and report on what a great success it all was and how we all bought into it. If there are protests for once they won't be reported for fear of spoiling the special day.

The main depressing thing about it all is that so many people are interested - what do these people actually believe? Hopefully they believe in celebrity rather than royalty but you never know.

Even the free 'day off' is costing loads of struggling organisations a load of money. Enough...

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