Monday, August 16, 2010

Anna Parker's stone ear

Well! Someone in my house got a present today - what? I hear you ask -


The Sunday Telegraph probably have a section in their magazine for people with more money than sense on 'original Christmas gifts' round about this time of year - all made in crofts in the Hebrides by Southerners who got tired of 'the rat race' and making squillions of squid in the city - who moved up there to make sure that the locals had to move out.

But I bet none of them have a 10 year old daughter who's just been given an EAR CARVED OUT OF SOLID STONE.

Anna Parker is the artiste - and before long she'll be up on the scaffolding re- carving the Lincoln Imp. 'Kin BRILLIANT present!

And bizarrely just what was asked for!

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