Monday, January 04, 2010

Celebrity time

The modern definition of 'celebrity' I find most accurate is simply 'someone who you haven't heard of'.

Imagine my disappointment therefore to discover on reading about the new series of Celebrity Big Brother that I'd heard of no less than 2 of the contestants. Vinnie Jones - who was a thug footballer and went on to be in a film and Stephanie Beacham who was in a US soap and no doubt did 'some other stuff'. The rest are all made up.

This shouldn't bother me of course it's just TVs way of getting people to do something more interesting, but a small part of me wants 'celebrities' to be people 'celebrated' for something. Must be getting old.


Colin said...

Hi John,

This is worrying - vaguely famous folk who we've heard of... at least (in keeping with the Jade Goody tradition) they've not got any meaningful talent!

Bah humbug to them all. Curmudgeons of the world unite!


Anonymous said...

" fewer then 2..." I think that should have been. You weren't weighing them.

Keep going though. It's been quiet.