Saturday, August 18, 2007


Kind of half in jest I followed a link about putting adverts on the blog. I thought I'd baled out before anything happened but I've just received an acknowledgement email. The idea is that I become a corporate scum sucker and monumental hypocrite! You see adverts and I get money (a small amount I bet). There might be some amusement value in seeing what the 'targetted advertisements' would be - I hope June Whitfield pops up.

However, the email says 'We look forward to reviewing your site so you can start displaying targeted Google ads' which means I assume they'll say that this blog is not suitable. We'll see. If the blog disappears completely it'll be the dark forces of the net police (I wonder if they employ 'civilians' on the desk?) what'll have done it.

I'll probably be below the payment threshold too - you know, not enough visits. Not even a successful corporate whore I bet....More later - and possibly with ads!

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