Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Quest

There's a free copy of my CD and a bar of chocolate to anyone who can convince me that they've got scratchcards in a magazine and not won the 'gold prize' or top prize or whatever its called. I always scratch them and have never not won - on the second of two or third of three.

So, my quest is - find me a losing series! I'll then contact the company in great distress pleading with them to let me have a 'holiday voucher' despite the fact that I haven't won.

I only ever phoned up about a 'prize' I'd 'won' once. This was years ago. I'd won a 'free cruise' no less. The company were as good as their word - they explained how I could collect my free foot passenger ticket on the Dover Calais ferry - worth £7 at the time I think. I thought it worth the price of the call to find out. This was before the £1.50 a minute call I should say. Duty (free) calls...

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